Retry and Take Hold

Yurn to be replaced casually. Have your way with winning. Taper off the quilted thread. Doubt the single-minded grove entrance. Yield amidst canvassing rains. Halt the process of jilted reason. Shine the platted mount. Take a bushel four ‘a pound. Find a half shell in the sand. Time a mirror forming lens. Graffiti nonlinear equations. Make […]

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She’s the archetype I can’t let down My forever wounded bird A space in singularium My myopic mysterion A mystery for the sufferers

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Night Grass

The night grass always rises For the sower of the seed And makes its home Next to a tree The tree is infinity The night grass blue From morsels and packets of salt Containing granules of clues

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Save Mary

Mary Magdalene and her Doc Holiday-style romance, Bequeaths a derivative of enormous potential. Allow a potentate to demonstrate a particular particulate, A nuance and narrative into the heart. “Mary Magdalene,” said with a right soft-quickness, slight above a whisper, This closer appeal doth reveal a secret, revelatory to her presenter. She chose to love, was loved, in tragedy held tandem, Then as now and not forever, […]

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Little Dot

  Little dot that proceeds in my vision Portent placard of sainted mission Abruptly disrupts cerebral existence in halted days; Saintly mystery lays beyond compare to sands and clays A moment to disrupt a future falling faint of fleeting despair All that’s left in cinema’s forgotten air Like cinematic specs of light of film from cast shadows Or lanyard’s focus, falling trees, hinted shallows […]

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Harbinger of Light

Eggs and barley, beets and bushel, Singularity of history; life from clay, Competing ciders, humming still symbols, Like in the days of old whereby we sang, Glorious tenements and praises and offerings freely given, To a time that has now come again, Cast upon our future’s shore, I know a warmth, I remember lost gatherings and rejoicers for this stream, The harbinger […]

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There are approximately 1.71 mutations for every human birth. Of these, very few drive human evolution forward. Mutations generally weaken the gene pool. So, mutations are at the self same time made a solution and an enemy.

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